Wednesday, September 07, 2011

After two days of rest from Bkk, settling the kids and making sure that kids had Teachers' Day gifts given out, we were off to another 2D1N getaway to Batam (without the kids again! Ok, we are not abandoning you, baobeis! You will be in for a good time year end, I promise). We bought this Batam package from Deal and it included Paintball (Range kind), Flying Fox, a 1-hr massage and a breakfast and lunch.

Our Travel buddies

The disappointed paintball session. We were expecting to play in a field and not just a shooting gallery. Got to be realistic for the price we paid! Anyway, for me, whether it's moving or stagnant target, it makes no difference. I can't hit it anyway! :D

We enjoyed the flying fox activity!

After these two activities, we were brought to our hotel and given welcome drink.
 Our first lunch at the nearby seafood restaurant!

After the heavy lunch, we proceeded to the nearby provision shops within the vicinity and ta bao 9 packs (5packets in a pack) indomie back! It only costed around S$1 per pack! Cheap Cheap! Good for Tess who prefers cooking maggie mee if she's eating alone. So, each meal costs only $0.20. Where to find!? We also bought some tibits to munch along the way. We are really gluttons! And luckily, all of us share the same hobby of eating!

Afterwhich, we headed back to our hotel for a one-hour long Thai cum Oil massage! Next, we went to Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre. Nothing much to shop there, stuffs were not nice and not cheap. The only thing that is value for money is Wacoal lingerie! Similar pricing to Bkk! Despite the fact that I already got some in Bkk, I have to buy more to satisfy my shopping addiction. But not only us ladies, the men each got new underwears too!  

After shopping, it's back to our favourite activity again, EATING! We settled dinner at Food Street in the mall. Ayam Penyet Ria caught our eyes and according to Allan, there is also one branch in Lucky Plaza.

It's cheap! Think it costed $2 or something like that. But the portion is rather small also. So, after topping up with a full glass of yummy Avacado milk shake, it can't really fill any part of your stomach.

Since A&W is now defunct in SG, we had to buy curly fries to satisfy our A&W cravings. It's rather costly and to our disappointment, the fries were cold and soft. To add insult, it was a pretty long wait for just these packets of "fast food" even though the restaurant looked pretty empty.  

 Fruit Salad 

After eating, we shopped some more and went for more FOOD and in fact, more scrumptious FOOD. And during these time that we kept eating, my dear hubby kept LS-ing. Possibly from over eating in BKK. That did not stop him from eating though.

Black pepper crab

My first time trying locust prawn. It's juicy and nice but rather difficult to un-shell it.

We finally finished eating at close to midnite and retired to our own rooms.  For Day 2, we had a not-so-fantastic breakfast and lunch that came along with the package. The noon itinerary was mainly following the tour coach to see wholesale shop, fire and glass eating men and kueh lapis shop.

In the midst of it, the guys enjoyed a game of Go-Kart.

We ended the trip with the guys spending their last dollars doing shampoo and massage in a salon before we headed home sweet home.

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