Botanic Gardens

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For a while, the kids had been cycling at West Coast Park. They finally shouted "BORING" and wanted to try new places to cycle. So last Saturday, we brought them to the next nearest park, Botanic Gardens. Initially, we thought of letting them cycle in Jacob Ballas Children Garden. And lucky we did not do so cos bicycles and scooters are not allowed in Jacob Ballas.

The kids cycled around the Swan Lake for a while, looked at the resident swans and are back at cycling for a more while before we went to Jacob Ballas. Shan & Sky are avid cyclists by now and we pretty much leave them to cycle on their own while we were with Seth who roamed around in the greens.

Recently, upgraded Sky's bike to the 18" and more horse power! He's loving it!

Seth looking abit grumpy cos he had no other choice but to take Shan's hand me down PINK tricycle.

Seth decided that running around and chasing the doves is a better idea than to be seen in a PINK tricycle.

After Shan and Sky were tired from riding round and round the Swan Lake, we then proceeded to Jacob Ballas. They played around the sand area for a while and we called it a day after they wetted themselves at the water play.

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