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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Being a SAHM has its up and downs. Despite being on the job for a year already, I am still thinking if this is the direction that God is leading me. One minute, I will be treasuring the bonding time I have with the kiddos, the other minute, I will be flipping through the recruits and look for opportunities that I think I should have a go at it. I still harbour the thoughts of going back to work, reason simply, I like to stay relevant in the marketplace and having intellectual engagements (instead of "Do your homework", "A" for Apple, "B" for Boy and  Poo Poo talk with Seth. But come to think of it, aside from toileting language, Seth don't really know other baby language compared to his Gor Gor and Jie Jie. Shan and Sky used to ask for "neh neh".  But for Seth, he will ask for "Milk" or in a super good mood "Milk, please, Mama/ Aunty!").  Anyway, I thank God that there are always little moments at home where I could teach and mould them in their character.

As a mother, you have this thing called "Mother's instinct". And so last Tuesday, I immediately picked it up when she came home with a guilty-stricken look. To cut the story short, she later confessed in tears that she skipped her Chinese Dance practice the day before. The reason why she skipped was because her friend asked her to do so, so that they could have the free time to play. Anyway, I have heard enough about this girl from Shan and she seemed to be a bad influence.

Trying to contain my poise, I did not lecture her. Looking at her, she already knew her consequences. Her Chinese Dance teacher asked what happened to her the day before and her so called "Good Friend" played out on her. She's in the school team and they are preparing hard for the coming concert and SYF 2012. To be in school team, discipline is definitely a must! I believed that since that incident, she knew her responsibilities and consequences to any wrong-doing. She later seek God's forgiveness during praying time and I thanked God for her courage to own up as well as prayed for discernment in friendship and wisdom to do right at all times. From this incident, I also learned that I should not stopped praying for protection against accidents, injury or disease. I should go on further to pray for
wisdom upon her to choose godly friends or one that would never compromise integrity and have any immoral influence.

Proverbs 13:20 He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed"

I'm not one mummy that stop the kids from eating junk food cos I'm one junkie myself. My only rule to the kids is that they have to finish their main meals before they are allowed to snack. One of those days, Shan mentioned that she could not finish her lunch. I was fine with it and put aside her lunch. About two hours later, Shan was doing her work and I casually picked up a pack of chips to eat it (I had forgotten about her unfinished lunch). Shan's most immediate reaction was "Mummy, can I go out to finish my lunch?" She finished her remaining half bowl of lunch promptly and hopped in to share the chips.

No teaching and nagging required. Super effective packet of chips!

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