Happy Birthday Singapore!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In celebration of National Day, entry to all the museums are free for the whole month of August. On Singapore's birthday, together with Ah Ma and Ah Yi, we made a trip to Singapore Art Museum to check out the Art Garden (Interactive contemporary art for children).

We went to the first station, "Mummy Dearest". This station is make up of a giant cake and cut-out paper dolls. The kids had full reign putting up decos for the cake and clothes and shoes for the paper dolls. Seth loved this station very much!

Seth and his work

Just around the corner is the next station, "Go", where the kids could drop a basket full of large coloured chips into the column. With lots of creativity, you could create many images. We noticed that many took photograph of their completed picture and pin it up on the gallery.

But there were also many kids, along with ours who just dropped the chips down without much thinking and coordinating.

The next corner is "Superhigh" where kids could glide the colourful stools and match them to their spots. The colours are so vibrant and loud. It just make you feel happy! No wonder, it's called "Superhigh"

Seth and Sky gliding them aimlessly!

Just behind "Superhigh" is another small station "Lightning Action". It's filled up with many plain white boxes. With the projector shone on it, the plain boxes are now given a name.

We went on to the next station, "Dancing Solar Flowers". The lively solar-powered mechanical flowers were moving gently in response to the indoor lights. Sky managed to PR with the security guard there and gotten the guard to take out his torch light to show them how some still flowers moved. 

In the middle of the station sat two elephants. Kids could obtain stickers from the counter and decorate the elephants with the colourful stickers.

The kids signed up for a "Fun with cupcakes" workshop. While waiting for the workshop, we explored the remaining  three stations namely "Paramodelic Graffiti", "Tree of Love" and "Fruits". At the "Fruits" station, kids could create their favourite paper fruit and keep it as souvenir. Sky was fascinated at the "Parmodelic Graffiti" station and he was upset that the train tracks building workshop was full.

The chapel was also showing various sets of film screenings for Ages 2 and up, Ages 4 and up, Ages 6 and up and Ages 8 and up. The kids caught some films before the workshop too! Seth watched till he fell asleep there!

The kids had fun decorating the "cupcakes" made from crushed newspapers and cotton wool.  

Showing off their finished products.

While we were touring SAM, Allan, Joanna and family were touring Asian Civilisations Museum. We arranged to meet for dinner. Ooo..Seth sneaking a view at Bec Bec. 

It's National Day after all and what could be a better way to end the night was of course to appreciate the fireworks! By chance, as we parked our car over at Shaw Tower, we realised that the carpark is one of the hot spot to catch fireworks!

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