Cadence - A Celebration of Chinese Dance

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

National Arts Council organised a platform to promote the appreciation and showcase of Chinese dance. NHPS's Chinese dance is one of its strongest CCA and has been winning Gold Award in Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) competitions. Along with other award-winning schools such as Yishun Pri, PHPPS, Anderson Sec, NTU, Dunman High, Hwa Chong and NAFA team, NHPS was invited to participate.  It was held at NAFA Lee Foundation Theatre last Saturday with two shows at 3pm and 8pm respectively. Tickets were sold via Sistic at $10 each. Since I volunteered to be Mummy helper (helping the girls with their make up and hair-do), I was entitled a free ticket. Daddy, to show his support, rushed down after church (he got to be part of the SOT cohort which was graduating the weekend) and purchased tickets to see the show.

Gathered at school early in the morning at 9am wearing costume, doing make up and hair do

Waiting for bus to go NAFA

Given the VIP Reception Room

Shan and her friends. Those P5s were more "siong" as they have upcoming exams the following Monday.

Doing stretching before the show. Looks tough to me :p

Group photo of the girls

Shan with her teachers (whom are in charge of Chn dance). The one on the right is also her class Art Teacher. Interestingly, at one stage during break time, the girls were getting too rowdy and nosiy. To "punish" them, the teacher asked them to recite 三字经 and 月光光 (in Cantonese). I was pleasantly surprised that all the students were able to just recite it on the spot. I guess that's how the school builds up the Chinese culture.

Snap shots of various dance teams

We finally reached home at 11 and Shan felt torturous that she could not immediately jump on the bed. By the time she washed up, she could not even open her droopy eyes. I doubt she even knows that I was blow drying her hair. What a long day!

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