Shannon in P1

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The girl whom used to strut around in diapers is in P1 this year. This was how she looked like when she first started her nursery. How i wished time had not passed so fast..I'm missing their toddler hood.

4 Jan 2010, Shannon started her journey in primary school. First day, we (the parents) sat through the day with quite a fair bit of presentations from P, HODs and Form teachers.

For the first 10 days, the school arranged pre-packed food from the various stall for the P1 kids. Hence, they do not need to queue to buy food. Recess time was really a sight. The parents are to stand behind the sinks and railings. As soon as the respective teacher start leading the P1 kids to the canteen, the parents, just like fans catching mega celebrities, started snapping pictures. Look at the crowd!

So far, Shan has been enjoying school. Every tues, she has Chinese Dance CCA and wed, creative writing. Seemed so busy.

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