Osaka (Day 8/ 9)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

For past two days, we had quick breakfast fix at this small cafe housed in the station. See, our troupe of 12 has maxed his capacity by 95%. We could see streams of seemingly to be regulars looking alarmed that they could not enjoy their coffee fix at their favourite haunt.

Our next stop: Osaka Castle Park

The weather is good. The place is beautiful. Felt very blissful.

We patronised this uncle's fruit stall.

The road train

The wishing board?

At the temple, we happened to see "baby blessing" (we think so) ritual going on.

Afther that, all came out to have their pictures taken. From the look, these japanese families seemed to be from royal family or at least they must some ่ดตๆ—.

The guys went on to explore the Castle while the kids took turn to have their portraits done up.

Bird's eye view

Almost half of the day was spent at the park before we headed back to shopping belt to complete the day. No pictures after that cos we were seriously busy shopping, trying to do last minute grabbing as we were going home the next day.

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