Osaka & Kyoto Trip (Day 1/2)

Monday, January 04, 2010

Busy and tired is an understatement. I have much neglected my blog and felt very guilty about it. On this rare night where i'm still feeling energetic after the kids had slept, I decided to catch up my posts on our Osaka & Kyoto Trip (a much delayed one!) in Dec. Hope I can still remember the bits and pieces of it. Together with Janice & Jeannie's families, we spent a wonderful 8 days in Osaka & Kyoto. Actually, it's suppose to be a foursome family trip. Unfortunately, little Josh caught pneumonia and was hospitalised for a month plus. He had an operation and it was so painful to see such a little one & our close friends Suzie & PH going through this ordeal.

Day 1 - 5 Dec - 6 Dec
We flew by MA at night and had to transit at KL. The kids were already hyped up at Changi Airport and eagerly waited to board the plane.

When we reached KL Airport, we strolled to the connecting flight area and waited a while. We were happily chatting and did not even realise that there were not many people around. The whole area were just a few ang mos lying around and looking obviously annoyed at our intruding rowdy kids. We started to sense something amiss when there wass still no crowd and the gate remained closed at the boarding time. It was a huge disappointment when we realised that the flight was cancelled due to some technical fault and the earliest flight is the following night. See how blur we were...such a big group and yet none heard the announcement.

The airline provided us a night accommodation and full three meals at Concord Hotel Shah Alam. We literally spent the day eating in the Hotel. The kids were blessed with a clown entertaining them with creative balloons sculpture and candy floss.

When we thought that that's about all MA could do, they "surprised" us with $100/pax in-flight shopping voucher when we finally board the transiting plane to Kansai Airport on 6 Dec night. Never in our flying milestones, we scrutinize the in-flight shopping magazine in such details. No choice, we had to "spent" $400 within few hours on flight.

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