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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Gosh! Cobwebs covering this entire blog! Cant imagine I'm still blogging about our 2013 Australia Road Trip!

Should I blame it on the MacBook? Finally, gotten myself a new lappie and back to my old Faster, Favourite and Familiar window system.

2014 had just flew past in a whiz and 2015 had already gone midway.

So what happened in 2014? Things were much busier, with three monsters and with work. It did not help that the Mac seemed slow and it was a dread to find photo and upload photo. Slowly, I began to procrastinate the Mac blogging.

Recalling 2014 in a flash

Feb 14 - Our good helper left to work in Chile. The employer had her to learn driving and one of her duties is to fetch kids to school. What a world of difference between working here and Chile. We still kept in touch and kids occasionally watapps and had a Skype session with her. Nevertheless, thanking god that he sent another good helper to us.

Mar 14 - Kids' first duathlon! We were really unprepared! The other kids' bikes are so pro! Ours was just a normal not more than $100 bike which the kids had used a while. Despite that, we were soooo damm proud of the kids preserved till the end.



May14 - Jolly good time in Hawaii and Seoul

June 14 - A fun time gathering at Pulau Ubin and impromptu trip to Kidzania with Allan and family

July 14 - Trained and being cajoled by colleagues to participate in the Poly60 Run. This year again!

Aug 14 - Had a good Shape run and bumped into my buddy from my ex work place

Sept 14 - Hubby went through a challenging time and thank God for a kairos opportunity and courage which allowed him to break a partnership that was very dear to him. I had seen him struggling through all these years balancing between the need to uphold the friendship and helping to defend his partner's integrity and sacrificing his inner voice that all these were not right. It was indeed painful to see years of what we thought as solid friendship breaking apart as the partner gradually stepped beyond the boundary. It came to a point that his actions were too unscrupulous and this partnership had to end. Thank god for the overflowing of assurance and words from God throughout this period. Every sermon that was preached the following weeks seemed to be speaking to us and gave us comfort and assurancee. We had forgave and moved on. God had never failed us and we always thank god for his plans that were installed for us.

Oct 14 - Hubby had a bike accident and broke his collar bone. Thank god our bro, Allan was with him throughout. He reached home at 5am and told him he had an accident. I was half asleep and asked if he was alright. I was jostled out of bed when he casually mentioned he needed to be warded for surgery the next day! Time really flies and he is due for another surgery to remove the iron plate this Friday! Since the accident, he had laid off cycling and he's itching to get back! Perhaps, he's getting conscious of the 3month big looking belly.

Thank God for the strength to allow me to straddle between home, supervising kids for the SA2, hospital and work. Kids had a good finishing academic year. Both came up top 4 in their respective class! I was amazed.

Nov 14 - My precious sister finally got married! Hoping to hear baby news from her soon!

Dec 14 - Hong Kong trip!
I shall hopefully leave this to the next blog post....after I completed my Aussie trip blog :p

Finally done with a year's worth of posting.

Good Nite!

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