Bondi Beach & the start of our road trip

Friday, January 16, 2015

Ah....what can I say about Bondi Beach except it's a one touristy beach to come when you are in Sydney!

Really like this big doggie wall and thought it's nice to put as my FB cover since I had never bothered to do that before.

And as we walked along, Seth got captivated by this dog and owner was nice enough to let Seth played with it for a while. Perhaps he was amused that Seth followed him for a distance.

Right after chilling at Bondi, we started our road trip. 

First stop was Canberra where we met up with our long time church friends who migrated there.
pit stop in the wilds

This is where we stayed! Cosy place.

The evening ended with a nice surprise birthday celebration for me and Cindy!
errr...whose birthday is this..

Will definitely miss you guys, Dray & Sharon!

Sights of Canberra

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Parliment House

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