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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gosh! Such a big lapse in posting!! But I do have a legitimate reason.....our PC decided to give up on us and crashed! Finally! After months of contemplating left, right, centre, we finally got ourselves...

Another reason for my delay was I have been indulging my quiet nights with K-dramas..haha

Quickly getting back to collect my memories of Down Under trip here

We spent 4 days in Sydney and in this long post, I hope to cover the key highlights of our time in Sydney.

Sydney Fish Market
By the time the luggage arrived and we reached Sydney Fish Market, it was already their closing time. Still, we managed to roam around and feel the relaxing ambiance watching peeps tucking in their Fish & Chips.

so beautiful

Fish and Chips from Peter Fish Market

Hanging around at a park while savouring chips bought by Allan. Kids were too distracted by the nice playground to eat!

Darling Harbour 
Our timing were just nice and we were at Darling Harbour on 30 Nov - which was the official opening of Darling Harbour’s Christmas celebrations. Before the stunning night began, the kids had FUN at the Darling Quarter Kids Playground! There was this West Coast Park alike web which rises at least 10m up - awesome challenge for the kids. Super big slides that the kids could have gone on and on.

Pump Station - total 26 water jets I read!

Got to drag them out from the playground in order to grab good seating places to watch Water Spectacular. By then, the crowd already filled up. We were treated to a sensational Water Spectacular show comprises of water-skiing Santas, inflatable Santas floating on water and many more. But, the most most most amazing of it all was the mesmerising fireworks (where I felt that I have watched at least 5 yrs worth!)  

Along with the fireworks, there was carolling girls and a parade of Santas in different shapes and sizes. It was a stunning night. 

Gotten a good spot at Cockle Bay Wharf!

See how big the crowd was

Hillsong Church
The next morning, we decided to visit Hillsong Church! It was a cosy service.

The kids enjoyed their children service as well. To our pleasant surprise, the church set up a barn and brought in lambs for Xmas! Hope my kids did not traumatised them. They had such a nice cuddling time with the little lambs and we gotta drag them out.

The Rocks

Spending time at The Rocks is one of the must do in Sydney. It houses galleries, restaurants, boutiques and various souvenir shops. It is made of narrow cobble stoned lane ways. Their unique merchandise especially the arty farty stuff were a bliss to look at.

Pancakes on The Rock
The fluffy pancakes tasted heavenly especially with the melted butter and maple syrup! If you love pancakes like me, this is a must-visited place which is conveniently located at The Rock .

Sydney Opera House

You wouldn't miss Sydney's most well known and photographed landmarks! Spent the lovely evening walking around Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge!

See the vibe at the Opera House 

 Up close and personal

The Harbour Bridge

Closer to the bridge

If you are wondering where Seth was...he was actually having his beauty nap right after the visit to the Rock. It was only nearing the beautiful night scene, he woke up to snap a "I'm in Sydney" shot. 

At dunno which garden - Could it be Botanical Gardens? The result of much delayed blogging!

Will cover the rest soon...i promise :p

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