Down Under - Sydney Escapades Part 1

Monday, December 23, 2013

Been away for 17 days for a road trip in Down Under with our good family friends and this must be by far our longest trip coupled with an eventful start!

Scare #1
While processing our check-ins at Changi Airport, DH was informed that he was listed as over-stayer in Australia! He almost couldn't checked in.Thankfully, he recalled the last time he went Australia for reservist, the group check out may not have processed properly.  After checking for the longest time, he was finally allowed to fly!

Scare #2
When we reached Sydney, we found that Shan's luggage was nowhere to be found! To make things worse, we then realised that we had only 3 luggage tag when we had checked in 4 luggage! Must be the "commotion" at Changi that caused it. After making a report and believing that God's protection was over us, we made our way to our accommodation. While we were settling in, a call from Sydney Airport that our luggage was found and arrangement made to send to us.

God is da best!!

We booked our Sydney Apartment through Airbnb and it's really awesome! Strongly and highly recommend if you needed a apartment. We stayed at 2BD Apartment located at Stanmore Road for 4 nights. Initially, when DH booked this apartment, I was abit apprehensive because of the description on the website...

cut and pasted below:
"Our gay friendly apartment is located in the thriving Newtown/Enmore district. Minutes walk from the iconic Enmore Theatre and the cafés, restaurants and bars of Enmore Road and Newtown's bustling King St. Our apartment comfortably sleeps 4...."

We were so wow-ed by them! And their lovely touches really warmed our heart especially when we were still anxious about the whereabouts of Shan's luggage. Space was big! Contained our family of 5 very well!

Al & Bridge (the host) purposely bought a set of board game as they knew that we were travelling with young kids. I'm impressed! The kids had fun playing it while DH settling the check in. Not only the board game, they prepared brand new colouring books and colouring materials. Seth and Sky enjoyed colouring each night when we were back to the apartment! If you see the bookcase behind DH, there's actually a variety of books!

Bridge teaching the kids how to play the game

Several DVDs collection! Too bad, we do not have the luxury of time to watch any of them!

The kids room

Our room

The well stocked kitchen

They complimentary provided a loaf of muffin bread, Peanut Butter, Jams and Vegemite!

The unit is big, clean, fully equipped with washer and a well stocked kitchen. The host were extremely warm and nice! Not forgetting how friendly the prices are! Definitely will book our stay here should we be going back to Sydney again!

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