My Fitness Leap

Sunday, December 22, 2013

This year has been an extremely fulfilling year in terms of my fitness level. I am not an exercise person. But as I am approaching "Eldershield" age soon, I decided this year, I gotta put much effort.

While my exercising schedule was rather sporadic and not very consistent, I must still pat myself on the shoulder for the effort I have put in this year to attempt to increase my fitness level.

This year, we have attended complimentary lessons at Fitness first, completed 12 lessons of Zumba in CC, adhoc exercise cum pastor session with DH at our Gym and bought Groupon deal for Power Plate sessions.

Out of the various exercise sessions, I really enjoyed and find myself worked out during the Power Plate sessions at Croyez Studio. After each session, I find myself more toned up! Each session lasted for 40mins and ended with a high density massage on the Power Plate.

Unfortunately, we also pigged out alot! After each session, we will feed our hungry souls at different restaurants at Dempsey. We scheduled one exercise session on a Monday and were greatly disappointed that a number of eating outlets were closed on Monday. After that Monday, we decided no more exercise on Monday. Hmmm...our aim is to eat or exercise!?!?

My favorite got to be Chang Korean BBQ at Dempsey. Went back twice in a row and we were pleasantly surprised by the different side dishes. According to the them, they changed their side dishes every two weeks. How awesome is that! So love love love the food!

Ooops, this is not suppose to be a foodie post.

The greatest fitness achievement was  - together with some of my CG friends, we signed up for GE Women's Run 2013. Ok, so, it was only a 5km run but still it was a big leap for me!!

For the first time this year, Great Eastern also gave out medal for 5km run. Woohoo!

I trust next year will be a better and fitter year - perhaps more regular exercise at our Gym?! Cheers!

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  1. Gd job for the 5km run last year ....2014 GE 10k women run waiting for u.. cold storage trialthon oso can.. lol..
    Glory to Glory mah.. rite.. keke :D


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