Blue Mountains

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Another one of our Sydney's highlight was the visit to the Blue Mountains. To the kids, the scenic views were...Ok la...But the visit to Scenic World was another story. They were bursting with excitement.

Closer look to the three sisters.

At Scenic World, we bought tickets for the rides which included rides to the Railway, Cableway and Walkway. Both the Railway and the Cableway offer great views of The Three Sisters and we truly enjoy having the spectacular view up close!

@ The Railway

See the photo taken while on the beautiful..God's creation!

At the cable way

After the rides, we quickly scrambled to Jenolan Caves to catch the last tour of the day. The Jenolan Caves are made up of limestone structures.  Over millions of years, sediments comprising of dead marine animals such as corals and mollusc built up on the ocean floor and were compressed layer by layer, forming limestone rocks. Gradually, as the ocean recedes, the limestone structures were subjected to erosion, forming the caves that we see today. All in, there are 11 caves. Pardon my lapses in updating and I too forgotten which cave was this. The cave was majestic and amazing. Indescribable natural form of beauty!

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