Korea Day 1 - Jeju Island

Friday, December 28, 2012

Joined a tour agency this time for our Seoul + Jeju Trip. Gathered at Airport at 1130pm and pleasantly surprised to see DH's friend & family joining on the same tour as well. Ha! Sky got kaki!

Had our first Korean bibimbap meal at the airport while waiting for a transit for a domestic flight to Jeju Island.

Our first stop - Teseum Safari. It is a museum that exhibit all sorts of teddy bears and stitched dolls. The kids were all excited to see various bears and animals. Who don't love teddy bears? The adults and kids all took pictures with the various bears! 

Next stop - Locadio World - an indoor exhibition hall with different rooms full of filming sets. Many famous korean and western shows filming sets alike are placed here for us to take photos! They have plenty of costumes and the kids had a ball of time doing pretend play! Here are some of them.

Seth's favourite Power Ranger

The Chinese Physician

After the fun and tiring walk at Locadio World, the guide brought us to the Jeju Mysterious Road, also known as Dokkaebi Road. It has earned its name, as objects and liquid appear to roll and flow up the hill instead of down. While we were sat on the bus, the tour bus was switched off and the bus travelled on its own uphill. Technically speaking, it is a slight downhill slope that appears to be an uphill slope due to the layout of the surrounding land, creating the optical illusion. 

After the experiment, the smell of hot food caught our attention. All scurried to buy the steamy fish cake and rice cake. 

After the snack, we proceed to have our dinner - Abalone soup!! 

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