December - a season to be Jolly & Thankful

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Time swooshed pass and we are now in the last month of 2012. December is my favourite month as it spells Birthday (yeah, my birthday), Love, Joy, Christmas, Festive, Rain, Cosy and of course God! I'm inspired and reminded to give thanks and be grateful. Today's such a special date and I decided that I 1 2 1 2 1 2 have the same blessings over & over again and thus this thankful A-Z list! :p

Arise & Build
My church is going through another season of Arise & Build. I'm really thankful for this chance to give unto the lord. Our family had been bountifully blessed since we first participated in Arise & Build for the church seven years ago. Every time we give, our promises are fulfilled, our faith are tested and we are always saved by his grace.

While we have occasional flu bugs hitting us, we have no serious illness for this year. I thank God that during the last detailed body check up, every part of my body is in order and not malfunctioning. Health is wealth and I thank God that all of us in the family has healthy body.

Cell Group
Cell group really connect and build a circle of support. It's not easy to commit and I really salute the leaders for making the time for us.Besides close friends, you don't go around informing friends of certain happenings in your family. During the time when my Dad needed to go for check up for Parkinson, I only told 1-2 friend and hubby happen to update our CGL too. But because Cg is such a close connect group, I received several messages from Cg members giving words of encouragement and praying for us. It is such a time when people started rallied around you and that itself give you strength to go on which I really appreciate. 

Dance and Draw
Ahhh... Thank God for the extra talent or passion that he gift to Shan and Sky. Glad that they find passion in an activity that they wouldn't trade and give up for.

Thankful that I can wake up everyday to smell the roses and feel the fresh air. Ok. Life's not so romantic. Thank god for everyday. Period.

Family & Friends
Thank god that I have a close knit of family and friends that fill my days with joy. Thankful to my hubby who besides God, put the family right on top of the list. Thanks to him that we have food on the table cos he's the marketing man in our household. Thanks to him who knows the pork and fish seller (vice versa) so well that they saved him the freshest buy. Thanks to him for still bringing laughter to me. Thanks to him who is so righteous that always pull me from fantasy firmly to the ground. Thanks to him for not retaliating when I'm in grouchy and grumbling mood. Thanks to like-minded buddies that we can chuck the kids at home and have dinner and movie dates. Thanks to friends that we can do a quarterly or half yearly or yearly meet up to have good food. Thanks to buddies that besides work, we can have good laugh over whatapps.  

I thank God that I get to be acquainted with him 10 years ago and can now call upon him anytime, anywhere.

I love travelling! Almost without fail, we for yearly family / friends travel trip. Thankful that we have good travel buddies. This year, we manged to cover Europe and Korea! Will be putting up posts on the most recent Korea trip soon!

Slowly and surely, Seth is gaining his independence. He's fully toilet trained some half year ago. I'm utterly shocked (though I hope my facial expression maintained its composure) during our recent travel, a fellow travel mate asked me if I have spare diapers for her 5 yr old son. They looked equally shocked that Seth is not wearing diapers for night time. Depends on mood, he now wears his own clothes after shower and wears his own shoes before going out. He can eats on his own but depends on the food and his mood of course. 

Jap food
ooooh.....I will never never get tired of Jap food. On the other hand, I can't really stand grilled pork and kimchi after a week.

Korean Shows and Skincare
O...but I love soapy, high school romance Korean dramas... I like to indulge my me-time at the wee hours (besides blogging) to ogled at the hunks and beauties and have my own fantasy. And I can boldly share that Korean Skincare is showing effects on me after using it for a week. My face looked brighter and clearer when I wake up after using different combi of Korean Skincare. I don't even feel any difference when I was using SK2.

Clementi Mall Library is the best thing that could happen. That's the only place we frequent in Clementi Mall. I got excited when I smelled crispy new books when it first opened in April. Since we have 5 of us, we can max out 4 cards at any time except during this time of the year when borrowing limit is doubled. Now, I lamented that there's not enough books.

It's only when you become a mother yourself, you can really understand and appreciate your mum. I guess I must have hurt or upset her alot when I'm young. I certainly can't measure up to her as she could did so much more as a mum. Perhaps another person I should be thankful for is my maid so that I could just concentrate to spend quality time with the kids instead of the floor when I'm back after work.

Hey, I'm thankful that I'm born a Singaporean.

I'm thankful that I'm not a born worrier. In fact, I think I'm too optimistic at times. At times, Pastor shared about how we should not have a poverty mindset. And no, I'm definitely don't belong to this category! Hubby thinks sometimes I too carefree.

Heard too much of kids dropping out of ballet and piano when they reached P2/3. Glad that Shan maintained her interest and chooses to continue. Thankfully, there's a piano teacher whom revived Sky's interest. I'm not the tiger mum at this area and just thankful that I can hear beautiful pieces of music coming from my home from time to time. There's many subtle benefits associated with playing music and I just pray that their interest last. 

Quaker Oats
Besides the boring bread, expensive atas croissants and sinful char tau kwey and MacDonald's, Quaker Oats is another good alternative breakfast eat that the kids like. Thank god for that.

The kids love reading. Ok, for Sky, needs some pushing to read but at least he reads. Shan, on the other hand, needs to be pushed to stop reading. That's a happy problem. Sometimes, I see books lying in the toilet! Seth loved to be read to every night. The only rant, not enough Chinese books reading time.

2012 marked the year that our family first see snow. Not just droplets but literally snow pouring. It's beautiful. It's blissful. No words could describe how I felt watching and soaking in the snow and the kids do snowball fight. I can die in peace now! :)

Ahhh...My 3 Super Ss - Shan and Sky, Seth. Thank god for them that bring us joy and laughter and made the family complete. No, not all is rosy. Sometimes, there's spices - cat fights, screaming, scoldings and canings. But, it's cute when the siblings came up to me and said they made themselves a pact to do a handshake after a heated argument to show that peace is in the family again.

Universal Studio
Ooo. I think I am still a child. I love going to theme park. Despite having 3 kids and at this age, I'm not a grumpy auntie that only goes market. LOL!  Thankfully, I have no fear of height and I love thrilling rides. Glad that my kids are not the scary-cat type and they too enjoy those rides (except unless they are limited by height/ age rule).

Because we have a sovereign God. I thank God that we have many victories and testimonies to share. And panting!! for finally reaching letter "V"!

His word brings life to my life. Hearing and reading his words give me wisdom and how and what I should say, act and behave.

I think I have nothing xtra to say, abit tired by now.

Secretly, I'm pleased that while I don't have a sexy body and tofu skin, I still receive compliments from time to time that I don't look like a mother of 3. Gotta thanks Mum for the gene. You should look at my Sis - people still think she's a university going student despite being a decade older than that!

Finally! My last letter and for the lack of it. I thank god for our Zoo. It brought so much fun for our family. We laid off Zoo for quite a while after maximising the Zoo membership two years ago. Especially with older kids and having classes on Saturday, it's quite impossible to visit the Zoo on weekends. Now with Jia Jia and Kai Kai on board (newly imported Panda if you don't know), looks like we are going to the Zoo again sometime soon! Pray that I get balloted for the Zoo pass (and before school re-opens)!

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