December - a season to give as well!

Monday, December 17, 2012

This Xmas, our Cg decided to spread kindness and adopted the wishes of the elderly from Dialect church. We gave love offering and from the love offering, we bought several necessities to the elderly who has written their wish for stuffs such as Vacuum Cleaner, Airpot, Blender, Fan, Clothes or Shoe.

On the fateful Friday, our Cg was split into various team and they were dispatched to do house visit and deliver the items. From the young to the old, all have a job! Look at the joyful face the elderly!

Our delivery team is very professional - set-up and testing included. 

One of the wish written by the elderly is house cleaning and some of us were there earlier for the big clean up first. The rest follow suit after the respective delivery activities.

From the youngest

To the ( old peeps here) most hardworking one..

From the windows

To the kitchen

From the stove

To the fan

Before and After. Convinced? Need cleaning service?

All in, with the many pairs of hands and legs, we spent around 2.5 hours cleaning up this Aunty's house. No details were left out!
Our Cell Group...

We are glad that during this festive season, we could spread a little joy, a little kindness, a little help and a little love to people around us.

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