Last day in Rome

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Hoursss before our flight back to my baobeis..

1.Found another Chinese eatery and we dashed in. The food here was much better than the first Chinese restaurant we ate. Satisfying.

2. Checked in Airport early and managed to claim all refund - Happiness with the little tinge of worry that my luggage of stuff may not cross the Singapore airport. Heard stories about people being stopped and asked to pay GST for the branded goods that they brought in from Europe.

3. Worries were cast out of my mind when we spotted Ferragamo boutique. We went in casually and found that the price were much lower due to no tax. After some quick calculation, we realised that the price was lower by some bits even after when you had claimed back your tax refund. Ronnie was so excited as he had been eyeing on a pair. He knew that pair of shoes were meant to be..The excitement spread to Remy and Jason and they gotten a pair as well. Allan wanted a pair but unfortunately luckily no size, so no wallet damage! Janice got a pair as well. Terrence and Kate bought a belt each. I caved in and got myself another pair of pumps as well! It's sooooo comfy! This pair was much wearable than the red pair I bought in Paris.

Ooooo..finally finished updating my Europe trip. Till the next holiday!

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