Ballet Under The Stars 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Karen and our family (with the exception of Seth who was at home) enjoyed picnicing and Ballet Under the Stars for the 2nd year running. This year, the crowd was super overwhelming. Gates are opened at 5pm. By the time we reach Fort Canning Park at about 6pm, the park was already full house. Streams of people are still seen strolling in at 7+ when the show had already started.

As soon as we are nicely settled, the kids quickly went to do glittering hand painting which are part of the pre-activities.
Not long after, the show started at 6.30pm with pre-performance which starred dancers from School of the Arts, NUS, Laselle and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and followed by the enchanting SDT's performance.

Sky remembered the NDP rehearsal jet plane show he saw the previous year and was looking forward to see it. Unfortunately, the planes only flew by one time midway of the show. We get to "hear" fireworks though (as they were blocked by the big trees).

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