Sky is 4

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Similar to Jie Jie who had a "big" celebration when she's four, we (rather I) planned a party for him at Go Go Bambini on 10 May. We invited his friends mostly of that age so that they can enjoy the playscape.

Sky is Power Ranger craze and, thus, I ordered Power Ranger cake from Smiling Orchid. The rangers are provided by the bakery itself.

It's also mothers' day that Sunday and we went to Long Beach @ Dempsy for another pig out session with Ah ma and family. Like daddy, he's into seafood. He takes crab and prawn very well unlike the sister who always siam these food.

That night, Sky quietly told me "Mummy, I'm very happy today" before he slept. Looks like he's indeed very happy cos this is the first time he volunteer such information to me.

At his CC, it's a simple and usual affair of cake cutting and giving out of goodie bag to his classmates on the actual day itself. One thing i noticed that kids nowsaday expect to receive goodie bag after each birthday celebration. The kids will literally asked me where's their goodie bag. Oh now are soooo different from our generation. I don't even remember my mum celebrating birthdays in school for me and I don't certainly recall bringing back goodie bag now and then.

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