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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No kidding! But Shannon needed 3 visits to solve her toothache!! That's how she look like when she got emotional and do not cooperate with the dentist.

1st Visit----- We brought her to a private dental clinic at Tiong Bahru. There's some raving reviews from some mothers forum. Well, the dentist is friendly and even got her assistant to blow balloons for her with the hand gloves. Shan got a bad tooth decay and needed to do root canal treatment which will cost me $200+ and few visits. The dentist gently told her that she need to do a jab (local anesthetic) on her. As soon as she heard that, she cried uncontrollably no matter how we pacified her. Spent $30 and few good hours and nothing was done!!! As per the dentist advise, shannon would hv to go National Dental Care so that they could sedate her.

* * * * *
Have been wanting to go School Dental Care @ Health Promotion Board for the kids' dental visit which cost only $9 but am always put off by one month of waiting time. So, this dragged on and every time, i failed to bring them to visit the dentist. (Think I'm partly responsible for Shan's toothache :p) With this, i quickly called up School Dental Care again and tell them how serious is Shan's tooth condition. Surprisingly, they are able to slot Shan a week later.

2nd Visit----- Got to know from the dentist that Shan got 5 cavities!! There's also pus on the gum besides the tooth that need root canal treatment. Still very apprehensive, the dentist is good enough to make her open her mouth and do some cleaning. When the dentist did a swop of the equipment, Shan got emotional again and cried. The dentist then suggested for another visit for her to get comfortable and gave her some winx club stickers. Paid $9. When making appointment for the next visit, again the counter staff gave me a date which is a month later.

3rd Visit------ Learnt the "techniques" to fix quick appointment and gotten an appointment a week later. Glad that she was allocated the same dentist and she was so comfortable with him that she kept asking him various questions. Got abit emo in between and finally, all ended well with the cavity being cleaned and filled up! Whew! Paid $21.

The School Dental Care is indeed GOOD and CHEAP. The dentist is also ultra child friendly. I'm glad that i did not and need not spend a bomb on paediatric dentist. Made another appointment again to clean her remaining 4 cavities and this time, include Sky to the dentist visit.

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