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Thursday, April 02, 2009

It's coming to almost two months into my maternity leave and time is spent tickling away at my PC besides cooing, bathing & feeding Seth. Hmm..not very constructive, ya.

Have completed two HK drama serial thus far and one of them is 82 episodes of "The Gem of Life". The rest of my time is spent spending $$ online and I better do some justification to my purchases.

1. Have been looking for this book the longest time at the local book stores and it seems to be always out of stocky. Finally, bought this from Amazon via spree. Useful book where I could read while feeding Seth.

2. Replenish my stock of Dr Lily's Aloe Vera Gel fm SMH spree. Seth has a bad case of milk rash at his cheek and I thought it will go away by itself when he's 1mth old. However, it did not and it's becoming a eye sore. Decided to use it on him intensively and within a week, i see 90% improvement. I also use it to soothe mossie bites for the kids and whenever Shannon has her small bouts of eczema flare up.

3. Has been using this brand of diaper rash ointment for Shan & Sky when they were babies and has been proven good to prevent diaper rash. Bought this for Seth's butt as well from via spree too.

4. With two kids to handle, I have been eyeing on a sling to carry Seth so that I can be hands free. It also save me from taking the bulky pram all the time. Finally, I settled on a pupsik pouch. Gee, do I look like a mummy kangaroo

5. When I was bfg Sky, I did not pop any multivites and eat normally. Well, despite TBF, he was easily down with flu where virus was usually brought in by the school going jie jie then. Doc often say Sky has sensitive nose. This time, I decided to give Seth extra booster by diligently popping some pills. I also bought fenugreek from GNC to increase my milk production. There's a spree on with 20% discount on GNC items.

GNC Price - S$29.50 Price - US$12.99

GNC Women's Prenatal Program 30 Day (includes folic acid, calcium and DHA which is good for lactating mums too)
GNC Price - S$66.50 Price - US$19.99

It's huge savings esp the price are before less 20% discount!

6. From SMH spree as well, this is the cheapest mascara i ever bought at $9.90. It works wonder and my lash really lengthened with the use of this flamingo mascara. Guess I could ditch my lancome mascara liao.

7. Have been a while since i buy any books for the kids and we are not visiting the library as often as before. The kids has been reading the same books for their bedtime stories and I read until I find it soooo boring. In fact, I'm not reading as much as before as Shan is already reading on her own and to her bro. Thus, i bought some books from via spree where average price of ea book is $3.

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  1. wah ... you've been "busy" online. ;p

    is the pupsik pouch comfortable? looks more easy to use than the mums-in-mind one.

  2. ya...really easy..just "tom" him inside the pouch will do. haha. He looks kinda cramp inside, not so sure if he's comfy but he can sleep well inside thou.....till it's time for milk. Wails big time!!


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