Seth - My Valentine Gift

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

13 Feb 09

My 40wk appointment has finally came and i hadn't made much progress. Was quite hopeful for things to happen though (those who know me would know why i prefer this date) and asked Dr Tan if i could be induced that day. Dr Tan advised that my cervix was not open yet and decided to schedule induction the following day.

Nevertheless, happily went to Copthorne King for Penang Buffet which I have been craving for 2 wks already. There, Dh saw his OCS Instructor course friend, Pierre Png (Yes, the actor). Both of them catch up on the NS days and he congratulated me dunno how many times! Was sharing with dh that he looks like a unpretentious, friendly and sincere guy.

14 Feb 09 (EDD)

7.45am - Reach TMC for induction.

10am - Finished the procedures of breaking my water bag and passing motion. Dr Tan mentioned that i was in fact 2cm dilated already. Still, as I was feeling no pain, I was being induced. Was pushed to the birth room shortly after and consistent but bearable contraction started to kick in. Valentine's Day seems to be a hot day for giving birth. Almost every half an hour, we will hear bb wailing outside and I was wondering when my turn will come.

12.30pm - All of a sudden, the contraction got intense and longer. I started to moan in pain. Midwife checked that I was 5cm dilated. Started my screaming session and asked for epidural!! The midwife calmly told me "Too late, dear. You are already 8cm dilated." Ok, this sounds familiar..heard this when i'm pushing Shan & Sky out too. Started to feel like pushing but midwife kept telling me not to push first. I could also hear dh's gan jiong voice asking why Dr Tan is not here yet.

1pm - Dr Tan arrived and turned me on the stirrup. Was feeling extremely exhausted and felt that i could just die!! Gave a 2 push and out came Seth!

Was in complete shock when the nurse announced that Seth is a whopping 3.9kg boy. It was the most amazing experience of my life. The pain was awful, but I wouldn't change a moment of it for anything. I'm so proud and amazed that I was able to give birth naturally to my 3 baobeis and my body's ability to do what it needed to do.

I thank God for this beautiful creation.

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