Seth - 2 weeks old

Friday, February 27, 2009

Seth is the only little guy I did not go home with when i discharged from hospital. His jaundice level was fluctuating from 12 to 15 and thus, he continued his stay at TMC for photo-theraphy treatment. For that couple of days, his gor-gor and jie-jie will come back with a hopeful qn "Has baby Seth come back?" He only got home on Day 7 & we continued sunbathe him for few more days.

My post natal massage session also started on Day 7 and was finally over yesterday! Auntie Ann is the nonya massage lady that i had faithfully engaged for all my pregnancies. Mind you, the massage is no spa like. Besides the painful massage, I also had to endure the tight wrap overnight for 7 nights. Post natal massage is said to remove wind and restore the womb to original state. The extra thing is that she never failed to guarantee is that i will get back to my shape :)

At 2wks old, he has now more awake time for interaction. He's also a big eater, demanding to be nursed every 2 hours. When birthed, many commented that he looked that Sky. Gradually now, i find that he looks that Shan. Some mentioned that he looks like both.

The 3 baobeis @ 2wks old.

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  1. Oh... didnt know that Seth was not discharged with you. From the pics, Seth and Sky look like twins!

  2. ya fact, i extend 1 more day of stay in hosp but his jaundice level still too high to be discharge.


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