Singapore First Science Street Fair

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Science Centre was having its 35th Anniversary Open House and it opened its doors free to all visitors between 8 - 11 Nov 13! Right after roaming in the pre-historic age of dinosaurs, we were brought back by the time machine into the futuristic.

For the first time ever, Science Centre organised a Science Street Fair. It hosted many unique game stalls, all of which has a science element behind. We were given coupons to be used at the game stalls, with each game at $1 or $2.

Upon setting our feet at the fair, the boys were attracted by the driverless vehicle created by Singapore- MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) and the boys were kindly being given a ride on it. This autonomous vehicle can go up to max speed of 24m/hr. How cool is that.

The boys had tremendous fun playing at different stalls and learning the science concept behind it.

Along at each stall, there's an explanation on the science concept behind each game.
Sky's favourite got to be the Mind Ball Challenge. A control device was strapped on his head. These head band measured Alpha and Thetra waves which correspond to focus and relaxation. Through the sheer power of will, you will be able to control the ball movement by sending signal to your brain.

What a well-spent fun afternoon! As Seth missed his nap time, he quickly went to la la land when we were on the way home.

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