River Safari

Monday, November 11, 2013

Since River Safari had opened, kids has been asking to visit Kai Kai and Jia Jia (if you are not aware - it's imported Giant Panda from China!) Finally, exam was over and with blessings, I managed to secure two corporate cards at the same time and I could bring along my parents for the outing. Too bad, DH couldn't join us as he was away for overseas trip.

The weather had been a little crazy with storms in the noon. Thankfully, with the kids' crazy lots of prayers, the weather was amazingly good. As it was a weekday, the park was pretty quiet with only a handful of visitors.

As we entered, there happened to be a guide. He was introducing the various sections and on and off, other guides popped out with interesting exotic animals for meet, greet and touch. That was really a wonderful experience especially for the kids! They could get up close and personal with the different kinds of animals they seldom seen and not only that, they get to feel the different texture of these animals.

There's a total of 7 river tracks which are all looped together. Mississippi River, Congo River, River Nile, Ganges River, Murray River, Mekong River, Yangtze River

Touching the cute little beaver

feeling the snake
The wonders of underwater world

At "Mekong River" section - which is also named as the mother of all rivers. It's the 7th longest river in Asia

Spotted this exotic little Red Panda first at the entrance of the Giant Forest. 
When we were there, Kai Kai was taking his nap. He was totally not bothered that we came specially to pay him a visit.

Can you spot Kai Kai?

As for Jia Jia, she was shy in nature and prefer hiding in her den. There's a special CCTV installed in her den for visitors to peek what she was up to. 
Jia Jia going into her den
She did paced back and forth out in the forest and back to her hidden den. All of us got so excited when she was having her little walk outside.

Spotted the cute Squirrel Monkey at the Amazon rainforest. Here, you can also see baby monkey piggybacking the mummy monkey. Awww...so cute!
After checking out the Giant Pandas, we had a therapeutic boardwalk overseeing the river. Took a nice family photo here!

We ended off at Amazon Flooded Forest and it seemed very similar to the RWS Sea Aquarium which i think the latter is better.

Few shots before exiting from the park! Nice few hours spent!

The other part - Amazon River Quest is not slated to open until later this year. So, in fact the whole River Safari could be covered within 2.5 hours. Looking forward to another trip here when the Amazon River Quest is open!

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