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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The kids were liberated. No nagging nor slumping their butt in study room after dinner. Sky continues with his dreaming, doodling, lego-ing, playing (P1s are lucky not to have any exams) while Shan reads all she wants cos I'm giving myself them a deserving break. But during this school holiday, I hope to seriously work them on Chinese. The frustrating part is that while kids spent 60% of the time on Chinese and the remaining 40% time on other subjects, they still scored the lowest on Chinese. Sky almost smelled band 2 for Chinese! But before they began the boot camp on Chinese, they had some fun.

Science Centre
It was a while since we last went to the Science Centre. We brought the kids to check out if there's anything new. They caught some shows that they missed out during the past visits  - Insect mania where they learnt about life cycle and Sound Show about how sound is created. Everything remains pretty much the same.  However, they managed to venture into a new section called Candy Unwrapped. 

The always-must-take picture at Science Centre
Halloween @ Universal Studio
No, we did not bring the kids there. Instead, it was Daddy & Mummy's visit to the USS Halloween Horror Night. While we were enjoying the scary wait, spooky walk and exciting rides at USS, the kids' best buddies, Chermaine and Issac came over to spend the evening together till 2am. That itself was more tempting than us bringing them out. I'm sure they had a ball of time!

As for us, we were banging ourselves against the wall for the fact that we did not pre-purchase the express tickets. We queued averagely 1hr for each ride or spooky house walk! Nonetheless, it's definitely an enjoyable night despite the horrendous waiting. We managed to comb through the five haunted houses and braved through the Transformers and Battlestar Galactica. Frankly, the event time, 8pm - 12am, wasn't enough. The night we went was a sellout event and they extended pitifully by 1hr. Still, it's not enough!

All time favourite West Coast Park
We stay pretty near West Coast Park and could pop by anytime the schedule allows. The kids love to hang out here. They cycle, skate and play their hearts out. Not forgetting the almost always Macdonald's treat before or after the workout.

With Daddy's help, Seth had the lion's heart to try his hand and legs at the mega spider web this time.

Thankfully, the kids are easily pleased. They are over the moon when given cycling time. Shan was very grouchy and moody when hubby brought the boys out for cycling while she was grounded at home due to exams. There's this jogging track between Clementi Road and Pandan Gardens which is one of their favourite cycling track. The playground near the track also brought back alot of memories as I grew up there! Being nostalgic here. Noted that some rejuvenation is going on due to ABC Water Programme. Am looking forward to see how it would be like.

The thing about them cycling is either you jog run with after them or you cycle with them. Else, it's really impossible to catch up with them once they zoomed off. Seth gave up riding midway and was practically pushed by hubby on the way there.  When reached, Seth played at the playground instead of riding. I briskly walked along the track and THANK GOD, i finally caught up with them when Sky's gear came loose at certain point (I think easily 2.4km down the road?!). A kind young lady Samaritan helped him to fix and even imparted knowledge to Sky about fixing the gear. As a result, both her hands were black! Really thank God for sending angels to them.

Dun see this monkey skinny skinny, he actually got the strength to do monkey bars!! 
Times flies. The last time we went Ikea, Seth was still under-height and cried buckets when he saw Gor Gor and Jie Jie going into the large play area. This time, he went in breezily and Shan sheepishly pronounced she's over-height.

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