Happy Birthday Mum!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

You have aged gracefully and you are my role model for being active Senior Citizen. Your passion for life long learning never fails to amaze me. You went for English classes (though never seemed to get past the few sentences :p). I'm ashamed that your lifestyle is so much healthier than mine. Besides eating healthily, you go swimming, yoga, line dancing and anymore?? My only form of exercise is to chase after Seth. Despite of your hectic schedule, you visit the kids every week. You kept up with the news and always share your knowledge of child rearing from your reading or your favorite radio station, FM 95.8.

We are not a very expressive family and physical touch such as hugging and kissing seemed so lacking. Now, your grandkids have made up for it by giving you huge hugs and kisses. Your tigress way of bringing me up had somehow brought out some rebellious streak in me during my younger days. However, I'm gratified that your teachings has instilled me to stay firm on the ground and led me to where I am now.

Thank you Mum! You are beautiful in every ways! We love you dearly! Happy Birthday! Muacks!

This year, we chose the birthday lunch at one of the most authentic hokkien restaurant - Beng Hiang. If I remembered clearly, the last time we came, Seth was not even out yet! We hesitated a long while whether to order to kong bak bao because we were so afraid that we would over-ordered (it only comes in minimum order of 10). Still, we could not succumb to the temptation.

Dad's usual and must order

Beng Hiang 茗香菜馆
112-116 Amoy St
Singapore 069932

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