Commercial Break

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I realised that I was rather laid back on updating the blog for a good two months. Sheepishly to admit, I have been staying up late to watch my k-dramas via iPad after the kids were asleep. Well, the other important reason was I Shan was taking her first serious examination this year.

By far, this has been an extremely busy year for Shan. Besides staying back twice a week for dance practice in lieu of SYF, she was also staying back for Malay class. It does not help that in P3, the teachers piled them with homework and at times she was nodding her head off while struggling to complete her homework. And when we thought she could relax after SYF, the teacher asked them to sign up for Maths Olympia and again she's back to staying back thrice a week. These activities left her lesser time to do other form of assessments. Anyway, regardless of the busy schedule, she got to be ready for SA1. So, I got to do some timetabling making sure she done enough to be well prepared for the exam.

Nevertheless, we still manage to find some time to walk in the park and the kids could take a breather, looking at the greens, playing with coconuts and simply let free. It's a small commercial break for them to charge up.

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