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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Got to skip publishing other posts first and jot this before I forgot!

Episode 1
Today, I was on half day to celebrate Seth's birthday. Hence, we were able to send Sky to school for his CCA. As I needed to check some matters with the CCA teacher, I brought Sky into the court instead of just alighting him. From afar, several girls quickly rushed over to wave at him and called out to him, "Skyler! Skyler". Woah! Quite a sight! Didn't know that he got a mini fan club. No wonder Tess always tell me Sky seemed to have a lot of friends and always "hi" "Bye" to many classmates when she picked him up.

Episode 2
Me: How's yr Monitor role so far?
Sky: Good, because I'm not using the marker.
Me superbly confused: what does marker got to do with being a monitor?
Sky: Alicia (monitress) will be the one writing the names of those who are naughty on the white board.
Me started screaming: so u lose yr marker?? (He's the forgetful sort and I am not surprised if he lost any stuff)
Sky: No! I don't want to take out, let Alicia do the job.
Me: so you do nothing??
Sky: I will tell Alicia who's naughty but she will write the names on the white board. So she's the bad guy not me!

Me: *speechless*

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