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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

They fought, they snatched, they told tales about each other, they labeled each other with nasty names. You want to know more about sibling rivalry, just hop by and you can easily see a demo.

Yet today when I randomly asked Sky to share 10 good things about his sister, the stuff that came out from our mouth sent a warm fuzzy feeling into us. These may seemed so small in our daily lives and yet he had a thankful heart and remembered such small details that could be easily be dismissed.

From his mouth
1. She let me take the front seat (early morning at 6.50am, they actually have the energy to quarrel who sit in front! Daddy had to dictate Mon, Wed, Fri - Shan and Tues, Thurs - Sky and the schedule rotates weekly)
2. She picks my dirty clothes in the morning and put in the laundry basket
3. She tell me secrets
4. She shared her sweets and goodies with me
5. She bought drinks in school and shared with me (me staring at Shan as I don't allow them to buy drinks during recess. Shan sheepishly quickly defended herself and said that was loooong ago)
6. She helps me carried my bag
7. She takes care of me during recess
8. She played "Spy" games with me (whatever that is)
9. She let me be the "Spy" (*continued scratched head*)
10. She helped me find my water bottle

Awwwww...so sweet.

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