Sky 毕业了!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sky went through his very first graduation ceremony cum year end concert today. The theme is about LOVE and how aptly as it's also the theme of the season for our church. It started with the opening address and opening prayer by the Chairman and pastoral staff of The Bible Church. The grand Graduation Ceremony then follow suit. The K2 graduands strutted up the stairs and sang a song. Seeing Sky donning the graduation gown stirred the emotional feeling within me. He's still so babyish to me and yet seeing him in his gown collecting his cert, it dawn on me that he will be going into another phase of his life soon.

After the cert collection, the graduands sang another praise song and followed by a prayer for the Graduands by another kindy board member.

Unlike his talkative Sis, Sky usually do not talk much about school. He did not even share a word about the items he's performing for the year end concert except that he played the horse part. For a while, I assumed that it was acting rather than dancing. When I asked him to do the dance at home, he lamented that it's difficult for him to dance as it requires team effort. They sang quite a number of songs and he did not even sing a tune for me! What I did not expect was that he was representing his class to do a 开场白. Imagine our surprise when he came out with his classmate fronting the audience doing a tongue twister of sort while his classmate beat the time with the musical instrument. And this was done in Mandarin! Gosh, this potato can actually enunciate the words so clearly! He's actually very cool about it, no sweat! We are all so damm proud of you, Sky!!

K2 Victory boys proudly presents "我爱校园"

Ending pose

 Grand Finale


Better years await ahead of you, Sky!

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