Seth starts school!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Started Seth on a playgroup. This is the second playgroup I enrolled him in. The frist, I felt the teacher was not up to standard and withdrew him when this playgroup near my place had vacancy.

I must say that this playgroup is a gem. The teachers are dedicated as compared with the first playgroup. While the first playgroup has 1 main teacher (whose English seems to be half past six) and an aunty to assist, this playgroup has a English teacher, Chinese teacher, an assistant teacher cum admin and an aunty assistant. I was able to sit through for the whole week to settle Seth in and at the first playground, I was whoosh out on the 2nd day.

For the first 15mins, the kids will go to the various corners i.e. artist corner, reading corner, cooking corner, etc. Seth likes the "Little Artist" corner best. The next 2 hrs includes circle time, literacy time, play time, snack time, singing and story time.

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