Tooth Fairy

Monday, August 23, 2010

Shannon finally reach the age where her bb teeth started to fall off. It was a mini drama when her first tooth dropped. She was eating when she heard a crack sound. When she realised what had happened, she cried with pain as some blood oozed out. We were also worried that she swallowed her FIRST DROPPED TOOTH and searched the food that she spat out. I had wanted the tooth for keepsake and luckily it could be found.

I vaguely remembered how my dad used to tie string around my shaky tooth and i had to pretend to "ah choo" and he would pull out the teeth. On the second tooth that was very wobbly not too long ago, i just wanted to try the same method on her. This time, she was much braver. Although i did not manage to pull out the tooth, she twisted it out. She washed it and said she wanted to put it below her pillow for the tooth fairy. I had in my mind to take it out and placed a $1 coin. However, this mummy was just too tired that night and forgotten about it.

The next day, Shannon announced that "Bleh! There's not tooth fairy at all!!" I must remember to do it for her third tooth :p.

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