Malacca Again

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We went on a 2D1N road trip to Malacca again. This time, it was with some of our Cg friends and different experience (eating trip) altogether.

By the time we reached our destination, it was near dinner time.

We had a nice dinner at Nancy Kitchen and ended the night with Shopping at Jonker Street.

Showing some magic to Sky

Day 2
We spent the lazy morning strolling within our hotel vicinity. We bought lanterns for kids in advance of mid-autumn festival.

Mid morning, we had an unexpected invitation to one of our Cg member's aunt house for lunch. The aunt insisted that she could cook for our group of 12 over people. Not to go empty handed, the guys tabao the famous chicken rice ball and we get to eat as well. Kekeke.

It is a huge bungalow. Seth love posing in front of the house.

The presumably "holding area" is spacious enough to contain an army of people.

They served in buffet style!! Wow..felt blessed with the hospitality.

By the time we remembered to take pics, we were already finishing our sumptuous meal. The home cook food were simply yummilicous. I guess the family is used to hosting large group of guests.

After the full lunch, we followed on our itinerary to another Cg member's house for DURIANS!! Uncle was telling us the durians were freshly dropped the day before. Oh my.

Sky helping to prepare the coconut juice for everyone.

The younger ones seemed not so interested in durians and decided to go some sight seeing at the neighbour's chicken coop.

We ended the night off eating again with some Nonya food @ Cafe Bulldog.

You just love Malacca for the food, aren't you?

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