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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Opps! Backlogs in blogging!!

We brought the kids down to the Dairy Farm Nature Park - a newly opened park next to the Bt Timah Nature Reserve.

As we went with Seth, we did not make an attempt at the Wallace trail. The kids only ventured a while and took few shots inside.

Instead, we walked over the the Wallace Education Centre where the kids took some photos with the cows!

Teaching the bb a thing or two!

After the Diary Farm Nature Park, we went to Frog Farm. Here, we saw masses of frogs! The kids weren't too keen to examine the frogs longer and bugged to visit goat farm. Unfortunately, by the time we reached the Goat Farm it was closed for the day.

Luckily, daddy drove us to Farmart which is still open. The kids enjoyed the feeding moments and even reminisce about the farmstay at Gold Coast!

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