Jayden's first visit to church

Monday, March 07, 2016

Brought Jayden out for the first time by ourselves. Mum had to go to her activity and helper already pre-planned her day off.  Since the episode, she has been faithfully working in high spirit despite many additions to the family. She certainly deserved a break from the household.

Thank god, the Pupsik Sling that I purchased from Carousell came just in time.

Remembered those days that I used to sling Seth around..can't imagine that I am doing it again in 7 years later!

Sigh...where had Seth's chubbiness gone to?!

Jayden happily snuggled in the pouch.

I was still contemplating to go into nursery or the main service.

Half of me felt that I am too old for nursery, the other half, I may not be able to handle any queries about the baby. Decided to go to the main hall then.
He sleeping away in HIS presence.

The garang us with the four, managed to drop by Liang Court to support dearest Rebekah and Danielle's first ever Kidpreneur. They were selling necklace and providing glitter tattoo service.

Thanks to this Angel, I gotten my glitter tattoo at $2 :)

God is good..there I got different ones happily carrying Jayden around. Haha!
Happy to be carried by beautiful aunty

Analyzing my bro's face. This combination looks good. He should seriously consider SG51 baby :P
Even Aunty says so.

Shan took over
Shan and Sky took turns to carry him as we were going back and this really cracked me up. Sky looked like the tired Daddy shagged by bb Jayden!

Sis, hope you are in a better place now and I know you will help us to jaga the kids wherever you are now.

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  1. Thank you sis for coming down to support �� Jayden is definitely enjoying His peace in His presence. And SG51 ������


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