HB's birthday

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Times flies..Hubby is at his last digit of his 30s stage. To mark this moment, the dutiful wife bought iFly groupon for us to enjoy a flying experience.

Outside iFly

Prior to the trip, we had to book our date and timing by emailing iFly.. easy peasy. We needed to reach 1.5hr earlier than the booking time to go through the training. The training basically consisted of video watching and a trainer to teach you the basics of flying and some sign languages to follow while you are flying.

After the training, we were transported the flying area. Since we had to put our belongings in the locker, there was not much chance to snap pictures. We took these photos after the fly.

The kids with the trainer

All of us in the flying suit

One by one went into the flying arena with the trainer. It's not easy as you think! Look who's flying! Shan was rather afraid of the fly possibly due to the air. She mentioned that it made it difficult for her to breathe.

The groupon deal came with free personalised DVD and cocktails at the Sky Loft. We were mean. Ordered one soft drink for the kids to share while hubs and me drank three cocktails! If I recalled correctly, they were mixtures of vodka and grapefruit juice and vodka with fresh lime and mint leaves.One such cocktail costs around $14 each. After the nice cocktails, we rushed back to pick Seth up for a quick dinner nearby (which is the kids' favourite Jack's Place).

On the Saturday, we went to Dozo for another round of celebration. Since we brought the Shan & Sky to ifly, we decided to just bring along the little imp with us. He was so full of excitement and brought along Gor Gor's bag filled with legos! -_-. The great service started from the day I booked. I guess people usually go Dozo for special days and staff are trained to do a side check if we are celebrating any special occasions. 

When we reached there, we were given private dining area! Seth was overjoyed as he could play and run around the room.
The pre-cocktail..sour plum taste, I love it!

It's a seven course dinner that cost $59.80++ per pax.

Assorted Platter

mammamia sashimi and bamboo clams!

Escargots with cheese and garlic!

Mushroom soup with truffles (the black dot on the spoon)

Finally to the mains. My nicely done steak served on hot stone!

Hub's pork..hmmmm passable

The fruity drink.

Seth was busy eating the whole stack of cheese sticks the whole time!

To die for - Molten lave chocolate cake

 The lovely crew even gave seth complimentary cheese cake

Another lovely gesture by the crew and he even sang the birthday song together with us! 

Totally enjoyed the awesome dining experience! Till next time!

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