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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

After the previous note about her recent ICAS results, I have been reminded to be positive. This time, she shouted her news about obtaining distinction for ICAS Maths through whatsapp.

What amazes me was not so much of her results but God's work in our family. Specifically this year, she had placed all her exams and tests unto the lord. A little prayer before the kids went off to school and before they sleep was all it took. But indeed, this year, dosage of prayers are more consistent and had increased. At times, when the little grouchy one screamed his head off cos I woke up and left his side, it would just be a quick "blessed day ahead".

I was also very impacted during one of the meeting where Pst Kong spoke about Spirit of Faith is Speaking and Believing. I started to pen down what will come to pass and when I looked back, I noted that I had wrote "Shan obtaining Distinction for Maths ICAS". I tested God and God Wow me!

So during this exam period, God is at the centre of it all. I was pretty relax and Shan was lagi more relax. She's already marking her calendar, counting down to year end holiday!

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