Seth starting on new journey!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

With my decision to go back to work, our original plan to let Seth attend Sky's kindy was cancelled. In fact, we had already registered him and before Seth could start, we had to withdraw him and forfeit the deposit made. We totally love CWK but weighing other considerations (aka, do not want Seth to get too close to our helper :p), we contemplated putting Seth in a CC instead. It was just timely when a new CC opened just within 2 mins walk away. After a visit during the open house, it wasn't too hard for us to decide to switch Seth to there.

We prayed for smooth transition to the new school and it was indeed so. Although Seth sobbed a teeny while when we left, teacher mentioned that he got over it quickly and participated in all activities. For the first three days, teacher let Daddy accompanied him till assembly time and these are the pictures took by him.

Seth so looking forward to go school. 

This was taken on the 2nd day and he knows where to put his bottle!

 Having breakfast

Play Time 

Now, the only thing he hasn't get used to is taking a nap in the school. Usually at home, Tess would carry him and pat him to his nap. Last Friday, he merely took 15mins of nap. When Tess brought him home at 5pm, he complaint to her that Teacher never carry him to sleep and was tired. He promptly fell to sleep when he reached home.

Today, when I fetch him from school and while walking home, I asked if he took his nap. He cheekily mentioned that he do not want teacher to carry him. He requested for Mummy or Aunty to carry him to sleep! At 8pm, he announced that he was tired and slept! Study is tough. Long way to go, Seth!

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