Road Trip to Cameron

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The big troupe of 4 families decided on a road trip to Cameron last Saturday. In fact, we wanted to go Genting but no accommodation was available and they made a change of destination.

We started the journey from our home at 5am last Sat Morning. The kids I supposed were used to our wee-hours of waking up when going up M'sia. By the time we reached Cameron, it's about 2pm and ready to check in to our Hotel.

Day 1
Pretty relaxing. Walking around market and had a late lunch. We also roamed the night market.

Day 2
At Strawberry Farm

Strawberry ice pop! Sky doesn't fancy it. He asked for normal ice cream instead.

After the Strawberry farm, we went up to Boh Tea Plantation which is just round the corner. There, we enjoyed tea and scones.

Me tracking up to the plantation with Seth. The kids already ran far ahead of me.

Taking family pictures with the nice scenic view.

Group photo.

Can't help but take a last shot at the lustrous green field before leaving the plantation.

After the plantation, we ventured up to the submit. Well, nothing much actually. The kids had another workout session by tracking flights of stairs.

Some photos at the shelters

At Honey Bee Farm which I did not go at since Seth needed his feed.

At Water Cress Valley where we also had our steamboat dinner.

A very disorganised photo

The kids enjoyed walking between the Water Valley Plantation.

The dinner was GREAT! Yummylicous soup base with plenty of fresh water cress. In Sg, I don't usually take Water Cress.

Went to check out Smokehouse -a fine dining restaurant, wanting to take some dessert. Too bad, the restaurant is too atas and don't allow customers in shorts and slippers! Anyway, the food is tad too ex! It has a nice Euro ambience feel with lots of beautiful flowers.

Day 3
Prata and nann for breakfast

Detour to Malacca for nice Nonya dinner before home sweet home. Aunty Lee is a 70yo lady chef! She's solely responsible for all our food on the table. Reservation is absolutely needed on a weekend!

Adults table

Children's table

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