Marina Barrage - Singapore Latest reservoir

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Have been hearing rave reviews on this latest new outdoor hangout and we decided to check it out yesterday. We reached there slightly past 3pm. It was damm sunny and windy!

Level 1 - Main attraction is the water playground

Level 2 - Sustainable Singapore Gallery & Pump House

Had a walk through the interesting gallery that highlights the eco & recycling art pieces. There's a section where you could take photos and sent as a e-postcard via email. But till now, I have yet to receive the emails..:(

Level 3 - Rooftop
Lustrous green field for people to fly kites and laze around. We happen to see a couple taking bridal shots and the 2 baobeis are mesmerized by them.

Sky taking a rest enjoying the cool breeze before going off.

It's a great place and not to say it's also a wonderful place to take great pics.. We are really impressed by the visit.

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  1. heh. Sky is very matching with the blur water droplet.


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